Buying Guide for Freightliner Coronado

Life on the road can be tough – not just for drivers, but on the trucks that keep them moving. Fortunately, there are accessories available to safeguard your vehicle and make your own drive more comfortable. From Freightliner Coronado bug screens to hood protectors, there are a number of aftermarket products designed to keep your truck in top shape even on the roughest roads.


Window Deflectors


Good window deflectors can drastically improve the quality of your cab’s air. Freightliner Coronado side window deflectors are designed to manage airflow, which means they keep odors and heat outside while bringing in fresh air. They also help prevent fogging, which can be invaluable on cold or rainy drives.


These deflectors can be custom-fit to ensure their best performance. Ventvisor models have either chrome or smoke finishes to complement your vehicle’s style and come with a limited lifetime warranty to provide you peace of mind.


Hood Protectors


Freightliner Coronado hood protectors are a great way to guard in your vehicle from the elements specific to long hauls and open roads. The front of your truck takes the brunt of debris, such as the following:


  • Rocks
  • Loose asphalt
  • Litter
  • Insects


A proper hood protector deflects this flying junk and preserves your truck’s finish.


The Next Generation Aeroshield hood protector is fashioned from aluminum in an aerodynamic design. Made to flow with your vehicle’s lines, this accessory can keep your paint intact longer.


Rock Guards


Your radiator can take a beating if not properly protected, which can ultimately affect your vehicle’s performance. To shield this important component from debris, you can install rock guards.


Good rock guards should not only be durable, but low maintenance to save you time and energy. Powder-coated aluminum is a prime material for these products because it’s lightweight while still being heavy-duty enough to get the job done.


Bug Screens


Another strategy to protect your radiator is to install an external bug screen. These affix to the grill and prevent insects and smaller debris from entering your vehicle’s system in the first place. This can ultimately save on downtime and help you avoid damage to your engine.


While bug screens have a very important function, they also serve as an opportunity to customize your truck’s appearance. These products come in a variety of finishes, including the following:


  • Mossy oak camo
  • Shadow grass blades
  • Various logos


Take advantage of the many options to not only protect your engine, but express your personality.


Storage Boxes


When you’re driving for long stretches of time, there are some things you need to keep with you: tools, engine oil and tow rope, to name just a few. This means Freightliner Coronado storage boxes are an absolute must.


You can find these accessories in a wide variety of sizes, ensuring you get the right fit for your needs. Aluminum boxes are a great choice due to their longevity.


Outfitting your truck with Freightliner Coronado rock guards and other aftermarket accessories is an investment into your vehicle’s future. Don’t let the wear and tear of the road sideline your truck – protect it with the best quality accessories today.

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