Buying Guide for Drivers in the South

If you never drove a truck through the US south, there could be a lot to like about it when you do. You’ll appreciate the weather, especially if you’ve had your fill of northern ice and snow. You may also get hooked on southern cuisine and see barbecue in a whole new light. There is, however, something you may not become overly fond of; that’s the love bug season. You’ll most likely learn to appreciate the merits of bug screens if you’re driving through the deep south during late spring or late summer.


Protect Your Radiator From Clogging and Overheating


A bug screen can protect your truck’s critical internal parts. Your radiator can otherwise be damaged by insects — especially If you’re driving through one of the southern states during love bug season. Your truck’s air passages can get clogged and cause engine overheating when you hit a swarm of these pests at high speeds. To make matters worse, love bugs are found in huge numbers near highways and are attracted to vehicle exhaust fumes.


Protect Your Radiator From Rocks and Debris


It’s hard to imagine never running into some natural or man-made road debris. Rock guards can keep rocks, stones and road material from damaging your radiator. If you’re spending more road time away from well-maintained highway express lanes, you may also come across landslide debris. An impact with a hard stone stands a chance of puncturing your radiator and causing fluid loss. Give your radiator the protection it deserves with a well-made rock guard.


Windshield and Hood Protection That’s Also Stylish


Hood protectors deflect bugs and debris up and over the roof of your truck so they don’t hit your windshield or hood. They’ve come a long way since the early days when they were basically a tall piece of plexiglass mounted over the grill. You can now get one that’s specifically designed to match the styling and contours of your truck. They do more than just protect your hood and windshield, they also look good.


Fresh Air Improves the Ride


Side window deflectors can make your ride more comfortable by letting you keep your windows open even when the weather is harsh. When it’s raining outside, but it’s hot and stuffy inside your truck, some fresh air circulation can make a big difference and prevent fogging. Crack your windows open and these deflectors will help keep what’s wet and windy from coming inside. They’re also a low-cost and stylish way to reduce A/C use and improve aerodynamics.


Protect Your Don’t-Leave-Home-Without-It Stuff


Your tools and emergency items always come with you. Portable toolboxes made from sturdy diamond plate aluminum provide peace of mind from knowing your stuff is well protected. You’ll also remain confident your tools are securely locked up. A toolbox should be large enough to hold all your must-have stuff and a 30-inch model should enable you to keep everything safe and secure in one location.


Get What You Need and Enjoy the Trip


The open road offers many rewards and the drive can be made even better knowing you’ve taken the right steps to be well prepared. Give some thought to how bug screens and other protective truck accessories can ease your mind and help you to enjoy what the open road has to offer.

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