Belmor® In-frame Storage Boxes

Great looking, low profile aluminum storage box with diamond plate patterned lid and easy mounting system utilizes the space between the truck’s frame rails, creating the ideal space for securely storing chains, binders, etc.

  • Low profile reinforced diamond plate lid with weatherproof gasket keeps out dirt and moisture
  • Lockable trigger latch with water resistant gasket for security & protection
  • 3 sizes available, 6 or 8 inch depth
  • No drilling required to mount

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Belmor understands that finding room to store all your personal belongings, tools, and accessories in your heavy-duty truck can be a challenge. That’s why we provide several different semi-truck interior storage solutions to help you find a spot for everything. It would benefit you to have a set aside space for large items that you need for the job, including chains and binders. Our In-Frame Storage Boxes are the ideal storage option for these necessary tools.

In-frame storage boxes utilize the space in-between truck frame rails to discreetly hold your tools and accessories. They are easy to mount and don’t require any drilling to install. Constructed from diamond plate aluminum and reinforced with a weather proof gasket lid, these boxes are incredibly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. A lockable trigger latch allows you to secure your valuable items.

There are many great benefits of Belmor In-Frame Storage Boxes:

  • Keeps items out of the interior of your truck and clears up space.
  • These boxes are conveniently located for accessing your chains and binders.
  • They have a low profile appearance that blends in with your truck’s exterior.
  • There are four different size and depth combinations for finding the best fit.
  • Know your items are safe and sound with a secure padlock.
  • A durable exterior and water resistant gasket provides weatherproof storage.
  • The easy mounting system does not require any drilling.


  • SKUs: SB-6808, SB-6809, and SB-6810
  • Three different sizes available and either a 6 or 8 inch depth
  • Diamond plate aluminum box
  • Designed for semi-trucks
  • Choice between padlock or stainless steel T-handle
  • Easy, no-drill mounting system
  • Mounted between the truck’s frame rails
  • Lid reinforced with a water resistant gasket
  • Low profile design
  • Made in the United States of America

Clear up space in your tractor with Belmor’s semi-truck in-frame storage boxes. They are the ideal, secure storage solution for your chains and binders!