Belmor® Ventvisor® Side Window Deflectors - Chrome Finish

  • Lets fresh air in and stale air, odors, and heat out – while keeping the elements at bay and reducing interior fogging!
  • Keeps you more comfortable and alert, making for a nicer and safer drive
  • Deflects water away from the driver’s line of vision to side mirrors on medium-duty truck makes and models
  • Patented unique design enhances the look of your truck Available in smoke and chrome finishes
  • Installs easily with 3M automotive grade tape
  • Made in USA and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Get ready to enjoy a more comfortable, stylish, and even safer ride when you install a set of BELMOR® Ventvisor® Side Window Deflectors on your truck! Ventvisor Side Window Deflectors combine style, functionality, and protection. Thanks to their unique patented design, fresh air can circulate naturally through your truck’s cab while stale air, odors, heat, rain, and snow stay out! They even reduce interior fogging. You’ll be more comfortable and stay more alert.

Because Ventvisor Side Window Deflectors extend down the full length of the side window pillar, they minimize difficulties with vision in side mirrors that occur from rain pooling on the side windows. Available in smoke or chrome finishes, Ventvisor Side Window Deflectors add style to your truck as well as enhancing safety and comfort! They install easily using 3M automotive grade tape – no drilling required – are engineered, designed, and made in the USA, and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Belmor VentVisor Side Window Deflector - Chrome Finish is an accessory that brings many benefits once it’s installed. Its main purpose is to keep gusts of wind, heavy rain and snow out of your car while still letting air in. The window deflectors do this by covering the top of your window, deflecting anything from entering your window when you roll it down to let some air in. A chrome VentVisor lets you keep the air in your vehicle fresh and circulated, even on days with bad weather. You won’t have to tolerate bugs or rain getting into your vehicle as part of getting some fresh air. Another benefit is the reduced fogging. If you let cool air in with these chrome chop tops, it will keep your vehicle from getting too hot and fogging up. The cool air also helps you stay alert during long hours of driving.

 The length of this deflector model also helps with visibility through the windows during rain. It prevents heavy rain runoff from streaking across side windows by diverting the water, which keeps the windows clearer. The special patented design of these deflectors also helps keep odors out of your car, thanks to its aerodynamic shape. Chrome side window deflectors bring a classic sensibility to your truck, even as they give you better control over airflow and the use of your windows. This is one of the most impactful chrome semi truck accessories you can install. It can be done quickly, using only automotive tape. This product is made in the US and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Lets fresh air into your car while keeping the window opening covered
  • Chrome semi vent shades keep rain, wind, snow and bugs out of your vehicle
  • Filters out odors
  • Made in the US
  • Reduce window fogging
  • Easily attach to your vehicle using automotive tape
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty

Belmor® Mack Truck Ventvisor® Side Window Deflector Chrome

SKU: VLC-850
Color: Chrome
Hardware Required: No

Belmor® Ventvisor® Side Window Deflector - Chrome Finish

SKU: VLC-813
Color: Chrome
Hardware Required: No

Freightliner Ventvisor® Side Window Deflector Chrome by Belmor®

SKU: VLC-821
Color: Chrome
Hardware Required: No

Peterbilt Ventvisor® Side Window Deflector Chrome by Belmor®

SKU: VLC-863
Color: Chrome
Hardware Required: No