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Detail Products
Protect your investment by purchasing detail products to take care of your precious vehicle. These products come in different varieties, such as metal polish and sealant or paint protectant. They also come in different forms: spray bottles, bars, and wipes. Depending on your situation and need, each product has a unique use and purpose.

Metal Polish and Sealant
Use this supplement to buff and shine the metal surfaces of your car. The metal polish and sealant then coat your car with a protective seal to lock in the moisture and ensure that the finish will last longer.

1.Spray: The spray bottle is a good one to keep at your house. With a formula that retains its moisture for easier removal, simply apply the liquid to your car with a microfiber cloth and remove any excess. Avoid hardened polish with the spray that stays wet longer.
2. Bar: The bar form of these detailing accessories works similarly to the spray, but it is better to use in small areas and crevices where one squirt of a spray bottle is too much. The bar is also a long-lasting form of the polish.
3. Wipe: The wipes are a great on-the-go solution. The 8-inch by 10-inch wipe works well on touch ups when you need your car to look its best at a moment’s notice. The wipes can even be stored in re-sealable bags for future use.

Paint Protectant
When considering what product will ensure your car is clean and protected, be sure to invest in paint protectant. This detergent resistant polymer cleans your car and removes fine scratches and swirls. The formula works on the molecular level to add that desired shine at the end of the treatment.

Cleanse and preserve your car today by purchasing metal polish and sealant, as well as paint protectant. Roadworks products not only give you an unblemished final product, but also add a delightful coconut scent to their items. Get the perks, today.

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