Insulated Coolers

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Insulated Coolers

Heavy Duty Coolers
Insulated coolers are created and intended to keep your food and drinks cool. When purchasing a cooler, first consider the object’s effectiveness at keeping your perishable items fresh and chilled. Continue in your quest to buy the best cooler by thinking about the size, construction, portability and safety of your cooler and the items inside.

Find a cooler that will hold everything you might need for a time away from refrigeration. Whether taking a road trip or going out for a weekend, a 48-quart cooler can take care of keeping your food cold. You may need drinks, meat, dairy, and treats. For food safety and quality, get a cooler that is sure to have enough room for all your consumables and the ice to keep them cold.

If you're looking for something a little more compact, a 20-quart cooler can be perfect for all the essentials. With plenty of space for those items you need most while traveling, we have a cooler size to fit every one of your trucking needs.

Aluminum diamond plate coolers are built to last. They are constructed with a double wall insulated interior and lid, both made from aluminum. Do fall into the trap of buying a new cooler every summer. Trust that your cooler will get you through many years of chilling needs.

You need a cooler that can ride in the back of your truck in various conditions. Rely on this aluminum cooler in any weather that crosses your path. Additionally, you want to be able to lift and move your cooler around to different places. The heavy duty attached handles allow you to securely relocate your cooler when you reach a destination.

This cooler has the unique ability to lock. Food and drinks can be expensive. Know that your purchases will remain safe at your campsite if you decide to go for a hike. Lock your cooler for optimal safety.

Ice chests come in many shapes and forms. Consider the cooler that best fits your needs for size, durability, movability, and security. Keep your consumables chilled with a cooler that is large enough for all your food and made to last.

Belmor<sup>®</sup> Diamond Plate Aluminum Coolers

Belmor® Diamond Plate Aluminum Coolers