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Belmor® Low Profile Aeroshield Ii® Hood Protector

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  • Sleek design with 2” lower profile than Aeroshield II
  • Enhanced style and visibility
  • Custom look for classic hood trucks
  • Made of polycarbonate and aluminum for all makes and models
  • Matching aluminum extrusions end caps
  • BELMOR products are made in North America and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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We’re turning heads by lowering our profile.

Recognized as the most popular semi-truck shield on the road today, the BELMOR Aeroshield II is raising the bar by lowering its profile 2 inches. The new Low Profile Aeroshield II offers the same deflection protection from bugs, rock, snow and other road debris to help safeguard the truck and avoid costly repairs. But, it's customized look brings any make or model up to speed in style. The carefully crafted polycarbonate shield is built-in to an aluminum extrusion and flanked by two matching end caps for an all-in-one secure fit that’s altogether pleasing to the eye and your line of vision.

As a trucker, you provide an important service to the logistics industry across the nation. Without your long hours on the road, commerce would have a tough time keeping up with consumer and business demand. Unfortunately, things pop up from the road while driving on a long or short haul. Protect your rig from flying rocks, snow, bugs and other debris with a sleek, low profile hood protector. Debris can cause many problems for your truck, most of them costly and time-consuming. Even something as seemingly innocuous as bugs can jam up a radiator or cause unappealing streaks across your hood. Rocks, pebbles or pieces of wood can fly up and dent or otherwise damage the hood and windshield.

The protector acts as a rock guard deflecting the flying debris away from the front of the truck. The sleek protector helps prevent costly damage and save you time with fewer needed repairs. The lower profile makes it easy to see over and adds a classic style to your rig. The polycarbonate and aluminum custom look matches just about any rig’s classic, clean style. Snow is deflected away to increase the driver’s line of sight with enhanced visibilty. The end caps match for a clean, smooth look that stays in place. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, the Aeroshield II stands up against what nature tries to throw at you. The protector is available for most makes and models on the road currently, so you can have the one that fits perfectly to your truck’s hood. The secure fit lasts for miles and miles. Feel confident in your American made bug deflector and enjoy the beauty of the drive ahead wherever your haul takes you.

 Made in North America

  • Polycarbonate and Aluminum Custom Look
  • Extrusions End Caps Made from Matching Aluminum
  • Two Inch Lower Profile than Aeroshield II
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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