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Belmor® Bug Screen Truck Grille Cover

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  • Reduces downtime and helps maintain optimal radiator performance
  • Protects key engine and cooling components and grilles from bugs, rocks, and debris
  • Made of heavy duty mesh screen bound in reinforced vinyl
  • Reduces cleaning of grille and chrome
  • Engineered to original equipment manufactured specifications to ensure proper fit
  • Uses same mounting hardware as BELMOR® Winterfront Truck Grille Covers
  • Many no drill applications available
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A BELMOR® Bug Screen Truck Grille Cover provides the first line of defense in protecting the truck grille and radiator. Our external Bug Screen Truck Grille Cover helps keep the grille clean and protects the radiator, and other key engine and cooling components, from bugs and small road debris.

Made of heavy-duty mesh screen that is bound with reinforced vinyl, and designed to original equipment specifications, BELMOR Bug Screen Truck Grille Covers mount on the exterior of the grille using the same mounting hardware as BELMOR Winterfront Truck Grille Covers, making them easily interchangeable from season to season. The hardware attaches securely to the grille and can easily be removed. Many no-drill applications are available.

Belmor® Bug Screen Truck Grille Cover
Heavy duty trucks keep our economy running as they transport important shipments from coast to coast. These vehicles run no matter the road or weather conditions. Equipping these trucks with high-quality accessories can help them withstand whatever dust, debris, bugs, snow, sleet, salt and more that comes their way. Simple upgrades like installing mesh grille covers can go a long way in protecting the truck.

Belmor® Bug Screen Truck Grille Covers are made of heavy-duty mesh screen bound in reinforced vinyl. The screen is manufactured to keep bugs and small road debris away from important components of the car. These screens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are designed to fit most standard truck grilles as they are engineered to original equipment manufactured specifications.

These Heavy Truck bug screens are relatively easy to install and swap out depending on the season. Drivers should consider typical road conditions, common duration of trips and weather factors when decided which grille cover is best. The covers are mounted on the outside of the grille and attached securely with easy to find mounting hardware. There are also many no-drill applications available as well.

Installing a grille cover has many benefits beyond enhancing the truck’s aesthetics. These covers are the first line of defense against dirt, dust, small road debris and bugs that could harm the truck grille, radiator and key engine and cooling components. A cover may help reduce the amount of cleaning required of the grille and chrome. These chrome protectors can help keep the radiator and engine working optimally.

Bug screens and grille covers may seem like unnecessary accessories in the grand scheme of auto parts. However, small upgrades like these not only enhance the truck’s appearance but can keep it running longer and more efficiently. Belmor carries a wide range of high-quality, durable covers designed to fit most medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
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