Back-up Cameras

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Back-up Cameras

Back-up Cameras
As backup cameras become more common, consider what these cameras are and how they can help you be safer on the road. Portable cameras can accommodate many of your needs in using the product: ease of transfer and setup, convenient use, recording abilities, assistance with parking and hook-ups, and maximum efficiency.

Since this camera has no wires, you can easily move it between different vehicles that you drive, or you can transfer it between your truck and trailer. Inside the truck, use the camera as a dash cam, or use it on the trailer to keep an eye on what is happening in your blind spots. .

These wi-fi cameras can be used with Android or iOS Apple smart phones, tablets, or pads. Simply download an app and use your phone as your camera to check around your car or trailer. .

Once attached to your phone, the camera can record videos and still photos without using any memory on the device where the app is installed. Keep track of your experiences and share with friends using this unique feature. .

The initial goal of the cameras, to help you park or hook a trailer to your car or truck, is achieved with maximum performance. The camera is permanently attached to a hi-tension magnetic base, which assists with battery strength and flexibility. Know that your camera will be able to help you in the situations where you need it most. .

Lastly, efficiently charge, use, and store your camera. The built-in lithium battery runs for up to eight hours, and the camera continues to work while the battery charges. Additionally, a helpful storage bag, charger, and dash stand come with the camera. .

Do not wait any longer. Invest in wireless backup cameras today for you and all your friends and family. Connect your camera to your phone to help you back up or monitor your surroundings. Transport the assistance wherever you need it at the time and trust the battery to last. .

Belmor<sup>®</sup> Portable Wi-Fi Back-Up Camera

Belmor® Portable Wi-Fi Back-Up Camera